The latest news on Trips:Connected 

Thank you for using Surging Systems Trips:Connected.

On this page, from time to time, we'll publish new information about Trips:Connected.

For support, please use the built-in Feedback in Trips:Connected Manager, or send an email to

This page currently has some screen shots of Trips:Connected to give you an idea of how it works.  The first shot is the "home screen" from Trips:Connected Mobile.  When you start Trips:Connected on your mobile device, this is the first screen that is displayed and it is a launching point for all other functions.  It displays your most recent trips, top to bottom.

If you record each trip you take, the function you'll use most often is the Record Trip function.  When you record a trip, it's just a few clicks, making it easy to enter on your mobile device.  The Trip Date is defaulted to "now", the End Odometer reading is defaulted to the last value entered (and it has the cursor, since most commonly you'll want to accept "now" as the correct date), so it should be "close" to right and the Destination has the first value in your Destinations list selected. 

Changing the Destination is easy as well.  Just highlight it and, with a click, the Destinations screen displays.  Scroll to the desired entry and click on it, or press Done.  That will take you back to the Record Trip screen.

When you're done entering your trip, just press Done and you'll trip will be saved and displayed as the last entry on the Recent Trips screen.

Through the options menu, you can analyze your business v. personal usage over a previous number of days (of course, more detailed analysis is available through Trips:Connected Manager), record your Fuel Usage, analyze your two most recent periods between adding fuel to gauge fuel efficiency (again, Trips:Connected Manager has more detail), and record your service visits.