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Surging Systems is pleased to announce the general availability of Trips:Connected version 2.1.


Surging Systems Trips:Connected is the solution for tracking your vehicle information. Trips:Connected tracks:

  • Your vehicle's business and personal usage.
  • Your vehicle's fuel usage.
  • Your vehicle's service history.

With that information, Trips:Connected continually and transparently reports on:

  • Your percentage of business v. personal use for the month to date, trailing month, year to date and trailing year
  • Your fuel efficiency between each time you add fuel

Trips:Connected works on your Windows Mobile Smartphone and your Windows desktop computer. Information between these two is kept in in sync whenever you connect your device and run the Windows desktop component.

Trips:Connected 2.1 is available now. The new features of 2.1 include:

  • Fine grained data synchronization
  • Customizable Destinations and Service Reasons

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